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Naerincheon Stream Rafting

Tour No SAT 001. Naerincheon Stream Rafting 

Price USD 150 (min2) 

Time 08:00~17:00 

Itinerary Hotel-Rafting Site - Hotel 

Booking (82-2 739-3337) 

Rafting is a challenging recreational activity in which a team of six to eight people navigates fast-flowing rivers. Rafting not only offers excitement, but also gives an overview of the natural ...

Hantan River Rafting

Tour No SAT 002. Hantan River Rafting 

Price USD 150 (min2) 

Time 08:00~18:00 

Itinerary Hotel - Rafting Site - Hotel 

Booking (82-2 739-3337) 

* What is rafting? Originally, rafting was a term used when riding along on a raft built with logs. However, rafting is now known as a popular water sport where a team of people on PVCs or ru...

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