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Seoul & Jeju Natural World Heritage 6N - 7Days

In case you explore Korean exotic island, Jejudo is designated as World Nature Heritage in 2007.  one of the most amazing islands made from volcano eruption. There are 3 many things of women, lava stones, and winds in Jeju. More women used to live rather than men in Jeju. Women used to dive catching sea foods to earn living. Men did chores in home. In April, the rape flowers are in full. In Sep, Oct, it is one of most nice seasons for honeymoon to take trip. In July, Aug, go to beach to swim.  It has many nice trekking courses. When you drive along west and east coast, you enjoy fresh air with fantastic landscape. It takes 50min flying from Seoul where you visit interesting market, walk beautiful palace and try to get various cuisines from street foods to royal cuisine. Must see DMZ near north Korea. 


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